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April 29, 2020

Press Release - Bordeaux Wines’ Primeurs 2019 Tasting Week

Press release: 21st April 2020

The Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux (UGCB) and BORDEAUX NEGOCE (Federation of Bordeaux Wine Merchants) are at present considering a presentation of Bordeaux Wines’ Primeurs 2019 that may be able to take place towards the end of the summer, but with events organised and adapted to the context of the current health crisis, because combating the virus remains the priority.   

According to the President of the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux, Ronan Laborde, “The UGCB and its members are cautious. The priority today remains our combat against this illness. We cannot, however, give up hope of imagining the future, which seems to be taking shape gradually. The way we are considering Primeurs 2019 tastings will not be a festive occasion, it will be professional and private. In the wake of these difficult moments, , in the coming weeks, we want to be able to offer our friends and partners an opportunity to meet again this year, but in a different way, to focus on the 2019 vintage, which kindles so much curiosity and so many comments. The details of this new organisation should be established within the next few days and will fully take into account the gradual and restrictive measures of lifting the lockdown, scheduled to begin in France after 11th May 2020.”

President of the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux 

Georges Haushalter
Vice-President of Bordeaux Négoce – Federation of Bordeaux Wine Merchants

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