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January 31, 2022

An American television programme: CBS "60 minutes" - European vineyards and climate change

The iconic American television programme “60 minutes” recently featured Bordeaux wines.

“60 minutes”, broadcast by CBS on 26th December 2021, looked at the impact of climate change on European vineyards.

The American team came to Bordeaux to film part of this documentary, to present the work carried out by the INRAE (French Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research) and to listen to a winegrower's account showing, in a factual and level-headed way, how Bordeaux is keeping ahead of these changes.

The CIVB accompanied the production team while it prepared and filmed this feature.

“60 minutes” is a specialist television programme in the United States. Created more than 50 years ago, presenting documentaries and investigations, it continues to be one of the leading tv shows in the US. It deals with key topics in society and current events internationally.

The subject of climate change broadcast on 26th December 2021 totalled an audience of 10 million viewers and was in 5th position for prime time tv during the week.

Watch the video : click HERE

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