Die Worte des Präsidenten

Weather conditions of this vintage were not in the extremes we experienced in 2022.  We had rainfall, before flowering. Depending on terroirs and grape varieties, the pressure of cryptogamic disease was sometimes significant.  Our winegrowers’ skill and vigilance were successful in controlling this difficulty.

The summer was sunny and rather hot during the last weeks of August.

Harvests began towards to the end of August for dry whites; at the beginning of September for reds and continued until mid-October.

Mildew may have had an impact in certain areas.  Overall the quality of the grapes is good.  The first batches being tasted present superb balance with red fruit aromas, which is a characteristic of the vintage.  Alcohol levels are moderate.

All of this is encouraging amidst a very challenging context at present.

For 2024, the focal point will be the “Maîtres’ Congress”, in Bordeaux on 12th and 13th September.  Some of you have already confirmed your attendance.  We will be sending you a communication, accompanied by a questionnaire so that we can orient our debates as best as possible and meet your requirements.

We are going to communicate about the interest of these networks of Commanderies de Bordeaux (96) to the various Bordeaux Wine Brotherhoods and Associations, such as the Grand Cercle, the Crus Classés de 1855, the Crus Bourgeois, as well as to wine merchants, etc., with the list of Commanderies based worldwide.  We must make them aware of the pivot you represent.  Too few of the Bordeaux wine estates of the 65 AOPs use the network of Commanderies.  This also applies to some of the most prestigious.  Let’s move forward together.

One last point as a reminder, following on from what was initiated by our friend Hubert de Boüard de Laforest:

· Let us all be attentive, to prepare the younger generation.
. We must call upon women’s skills and sensitivities within our Commanderies.

Hubert set the deadline at 1st January 2025!

The year 2023 passed very quickly, so watch out for 2024!!


With all my friendly thoughts,

The Grand Maître of the Grand Conseil du Vin de Bordeaux, Jean-Marc Dulong.

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Grand Maître