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September 20, 2020

France : “Apprentice Winegrowers” in Bordeaux, here we go!

5 young, well-known people, “apprentice winegrowers”, are going to make their very own Bordeaux wines (from the 2020 harvest right up to bottling in 2021), working as a duo with 5 winegrowers, each a representative of their AOC.  

This life experience, created to discover Bordeaux wines and the know-how of winegrowers, and the 5 wines will be presented at an ephemeral event in Paris organised for the general public in the autumn of 2021. 

Here are the duos:    

Amélie Pichard, Designer & Benoît Soulies, Winegrower - Fronsac Appellation 

Guillaume Guilbault, Businessman & Eugénie Degas, Winegrower - Bordeaux Appellation 

Adrien Gallo, Musician & Bastien Pestourie, Winegrower - Côtes de Bordeaux Appellation 

Alexia Duchêne Head Chef & Marie-Pierre Lacoste-Duchenes, Winegrower - Barsac Appellation 

Josephine Berry, Actress (daughter of the well-known French actor, Richard Berry) & Maxime Saint-Martin, Winegrower - Haut-Médoc Appellation 

You can follow their adventures HERE 

or on Twitter : #apprentisvignerons

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