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Wine Brotherhood Federal Ceremony

January 26, 2019

La Connétablie de Guyenne

At the Federal Ceremony of the Conétablie de Guyenne, held at Château de Vayres on 26th January 2019, with the presence of the Grand Connétable and Grands Maîtres of various Wine Brotherhoods of the Federation, several new dignitary members were inducted:

For the Connétablie des Graves de Vayres :
Elodie Landreau       

For the Connétablie de Blaye :
Wilfrid Bourceau   
Cyril Marcé 

For the Connétablie de Bourg:
Isabelle Chéty
Amélie Osmon
Louis Meneuvrier 

They all received the symbols of this role and promised to be loyal defenders of all our wines.

Still in the town of Vayres, this induction ceremony was followed by a tasting and visit of the cellars of Château Degas. In the evening a convivial banquet was held at Château La Caussade.

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