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April 28, 2020

Bordeaux at home: a new series of bitesize video clips by the Bordeaux Wine School

A great opportunity for consumers all over the world, to take an enjoyable, cultural break in the current situation of lockdown: "BORDEAUX CHEZ VOUS" / "BORDEAUX AT HOME"

During this period of quarantine in France and around the world, in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Japan and the USA, Bordeaux wines are communicating via a special series of bitesize video clips.

The Bordeaux Wine School has been publishing on Bordeaux Wines' social media, since 14th April, a series of informative, bitesize video clips filmed in vineyards, apartments or properties of the Wine School’s educators.  From the life of the vine to the keys to wine tasting, as well as pairing wine with food, these video clips are an occasion to travel to the Bordeaux wine region from your own home.

Quite simply, from their own homes, Bordeaux Wine School tutors continue to share their passion and practical suggestions adapted to the days ahead.  In these bitesize video clips, not teachers, but wine makers, cellar masters, endearing people, all qualified wine tutors and above all fired up with enthusiasm for conveying the know-how and skill of the craftspeople of the Bordeaux wine region.  

So, to begin, you can listen to and watch Sally, a wine maker in Fronsac:  
Click here to watch the bitesize video

Here Nathalie gives you some tips for pairing Bordeaux wine with a traditional dish:
Click here to watch the bitesize video

Now, Nathalie, a wine maker, talks about her vines awakening:
Click here to watch the bitesize video

Listen to tips given in German by a Bordeaux Wine School tutor, from her kitchen:
Click here to watch the bitesize video

…. Later, Bénédicte, Osamu, Isabelle, Laëtitia, Tongtong, Vicky… will continue to offer you the opportunity to discover the life of the vine and work in the vat house, as well as talking about pairing wine with food you may have in the cupboard, a step by step tasting, as well as tips and advice for matching wine with cheese, chocolate, etc. The Bordeaux Wine School will gradually make all these video clips available online …. 

Here is the link to the playlist "Bordeaux Chez Vous" to follow all these bitesize videos:
Click here for the playlist of all the bitesize videos

Faced with an unprecedented situation around the world, the Bordeaux Wine School and its community of wine educators are more than ever at the ready to innovate and continue to convey their passion to others.  

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