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April 10, 2020

Bordeaux vineyards – work being done in the month of March 2020

Vine pruning was finished a month or so ago. Vine growers then pulled out the wood (all the pruned vine canes are pulled out and placed on the ground between the rows of vines). This wood will then be ground by a machine to produce natural fertiliser for the soils in the vineyard.  

The next procedure at this time of the year is called “carassonnage”. This consists of replacing stakes and posts. The training wines are also tightened to ensure good trellising of the vine later on.

During this season, wedging is also done. Small ties are placed around the base of young vines to attach them to a small stake so that they remain steady and protected when the soil is being turned and the plough passes along the row.

Lastly, bending and tying down of the vine canes. Fruit-bearing canes are tied to the wires, called bending wires.

With warm springtime temperatures, we can see budburst is already in progress for the youngest vines.

Around the vineyards, wonderful biodiversity can be admired : here wild orchids.

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