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December 3, 2019

Commanderie de Bordeaux in Copenhagen - events planned for 2020

Carl Jensen, Maître of the Commanderie de Bordeaux in Copenhagen, tells about plans for events in 2020.

January 21st: a group of Chateaux from the Grand Cercle association will join the Commanderie in Copenhagen for a tasting and dinner.* 

April 25thInduction Ceremony and Gala dinner 

Spring : perhaps a visit from one of the Grand Châteaux  

In August : probably a Walk in Town; a guide will present the inner district of Copenhagen, focusing on a historic theme. Lunch will follow the walk. 

September : the Commanderie wil host an event with Château La Conseillante. 

3 to 4 theme based tastings with wines from the Commanderie’s own stock of wine will be held in 2020.

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