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Commanderie US Board of Governors' Meeting 2019

January 25, 2019

The Commanderies de Bordeaux in the US

At the end of the month of January, Francis Boutemy, Grand Maître of the Grand Conseil du Vin de Bordeaux travelled to America to take part in the US Board of Governors' Meeting for the US Commanderies, held from January 25th to 27th 2019 in Boston Massachusetts.

Schedule for the US Board of Governors' Meeting  

Friday, January  25th, 2019
Lunch at Troquet on South (Boston’s Famous Wine Restaurant)   
Visit to Museum of Fine Arts (French Impressionists + Americas Wing)   
Dinner at Legal Seafood Harborside   

Saturday, January 26th, 2019 
Board of Governors’ Meeting & Luncheon, Boston Harbor Hotel   

Blind Tasting Master Class with Master Sommelier, Michael Meagher   
Commandeurs’ Choice Taste-Off, Boston Harbor Hotel   
Spouses’ MA Historical Society Visit & Harvard Club Luncheon   
Gala Black Tie Parlement, Wharf Room, Boston Harbor Hotel   

Sunday, January 27th 2019 
Brunch at Boston Harbor Hotel   

 Before this meeting was held, Eric Vogt sent out a short message:

"Dear Maitres and Emerites, 

I am delighted to introduce you to a number of new people who will be attending our National Board Meeting in Boston:

Jeannie Jans, Commandeur Dallas, Managing Cru Bourgeois Relations
Robin Stark, New Maître, San Diego
Whitney Yang, Governor at Large, Denver, Leading Next Generation Initiative
Rick Currey, New Maître, Dallas
Randy Marcus, New Maître, Cleveland
Bruce Taylor, Commandeur Cleveland, Managing CIVB Education Relations

Please make sure you give them an extra warm welcome (particularly given the icy cold January weather in Boston)!"

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