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February 13, 2023

Two American podcasts underline Bordeaux Wines’ commitment to sustainable development

At the end of 2022, as part of the "Big Bottles" campaign, more than 60 restaurants in New York promoted Bordeaux wines served by the glass. This wines came in double magnums (an unusual and eye-catching format) from properties committed to sustainable development.

In a promotional context, Marie-Catherine Dufour, Technical Director of the Bordeaux Wine Council, was contacted by two American journalists to request the recording of two podcasts:

- Xchateau (10 000 downloads on average)
- Food, News & Views (2 000 downloads on average)

The podcast proves to be an excellent communication tool, because it allows accurate, well-reasoned and structured messages to be delivered to a very attentive audience.

XChateau Wine Podcast
Bats, Bottles, and Baking Soda: Battling Climate Change, with 
Marie-Catherine Dufour, from the Bordeaux Wine Council

With an action plan that covers five key climate change strategies, Bordeaux can become carbon neutral by 2050.

Click HERE to find this podcast 

Food, News & Views, Ep. 153: Matt Meltzer and Marie-Catherine Dufour
Food, News & Views with Linda Gassenheimer
Apple Podcast hosted by Linda Gassenheimer
Matt Meltzer, and his restaurant news!
Jacqueline Coleman talks with Marie-Catherine Dufour (>14 minutes), Technical Director for the Bordeaux Wine Council about Bordeaux's sustainability efforts

Click HERE to find this Apple Podcast

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