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Commanderie Boston Commanderie Events

January 26, 2019

Commanderie de Bordeaux, Boston

Boston Commanderie Schedule for 2019

Saturday 26th January 
Gala Parlement in Honor of the National Commanderie
Wharf Room, Boston Harbour Hotel, with Chef Daniel Bruce
(Black tie with Medallions)

Monday 25th February
Annual Meeting 
At the Club of Odd Volumes
(Black tie with Medallions)

Friday 22nd March
Parlement with Château Lagrange
Presidents Room, Harvard Club, Commonwealth Avenue

Sunday 5th May 
Bondir Cambridge
Dinner with Bruno Borie of Château Ducru-Beaucaillou

Saturday 15th June 
(event to be confirmed)
History/Arboretum/Birding Tours
Mt. Auburn Cemetery

Followed by luncheon at Oakley Country Club or Savinos 
Great Second Wines

Friday 23rd August 
Boston Harbour Hotel, Meritage, Chef Daniel Bruce
Bordeaux Elegance Dinner
16 Commandeurs only

Monday 23rd September
Troquet on South
An evening with the Right Bank

Saturday 19th October
Cambridge School of Culinary Arts
Cooking alongside French Chefs
2 kitchens, 2 Teams of 16

Thursday 7th November
Fly Club
Bordeaux Oxygène (to be confirmed)

Friday 13th December
Holiday Parlement
At the Country Club
New Member Inductions
(Black Tie with Medallions)

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