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Commanderie 8th Induction Ceremony & Banquet

October 20, 2018

Commanderie de Bordeaux in Wallonia

On 20th October 2018, the Bordeaux Commanderie in Wallonia held its 8th Induction Ceremony and Banquet in Genval, during which the guest of honour, the Wine Brotherhood La Connétablie de Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux was able to make this an exceptional event with the presence of several estate owners representing the five leading châteaux of the Blayes Côtes de Bordeaux area.

The Maître of the Commanderie in Wallonia, Christophe Waterkeyn, inducted ten new Commandeurs at thiç occasion.

Several Bordeaux winegrowers made the trip to be present at this event:

Mme Emmanuelle MILLER - owner  of Château des Tourtes
Mr Didier RABOUTET – owner of Château Le Chay
Mr Jean-Marie CARREAU – owner of Château L’Escadre
Mme Françoise LE GUENEDAL – Connétable
Mr & Mme Bernard DENECHAUD – owners of Château Haut Terrier
Mr Jean-Luc BUETAS – representative of Château Peyreyre 

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